Agile Sports Analytics - The First Turnkey Sports Management System

Why Teams Need Agile Sports Analytics

Sports data is increasing at a staggering pace. Teams of all levels are utilizing analytics to gain a competitive edge. The problem is, teams don’t have a PROCESS to effectively manage the growth of their data. They struggle to find role players that fit their identity and improve team performance. Above all, their analytics programs aren’t being translated to the players, who are RESPONSIBLE FOR DELIVERING THE RESULTS. We differ from other sports analytics companies.

Agile Sports Analytics is the only sports analytics company that offers a turn-key process and application that helps coaches, players, staff and management measure and create value, and plan and execute their team strategy.

Developed by Victor Holman, Sports Analytics Expert, it’s like fantasy sports, but for players and coaches. We help PLAYERS understand analytics and teach them how to create value.

Agile Sports Analytics Application Features
Performance Metrics Log – where team statistics are stored, converted to metrics and assigned value
Sprint Performance Dashboard – where the analyst, coaches, players and scouts can view team performance, strategy and Player/Team Agility Cards
Team Needs Profile – applies machine learning techniques that assess the impact stats that contribute most to team wins, and the stats that the team needs to improve the most.
Agility Points Portfolio – applies machine learning techniques to determine an optimized Agility scoring system (normalized values for impact and team needs stats)
Sprint Strategy Planner – includes Sprint Plan, Sprint Strategy, Review/Retrospective and team comparison stats and Planned Agility Scores
Post-Game Surveys – measures how well the team feels it planned and executed it’s game plans. Captures mood metrics, which are directly related to synergy on the court, field or ice
Agility Management System – where analysts submit Recommended Agility Scores, coaches align their game plan to the Agility Scoring System, and players plan how they will earn Agility Points.
Recommended Agility vs Planned Agility Reporting
Planned Agility vs Actual Agility Reporting
League Analyzer – analyzes which teams will provide the most difficulty in achieving desires agility scores and sprint goals
Player Value Cards, Team Value Cards, and Position Value Cards – where the players and team select the metrics they will commit to achieving to reach the recommended agility scores assigned by analyst
Lineup Assistant – provides your team’s optimal lineup by position based on agility points
Trade Analyzer – identifies players in the league up for free agency who can add the most value based on your team goals and needs
Draft Analyzer – aligns players’ college stats to teams organization goals and objectives to determine how much value they can add toward achieving team goals
Other challenges that the Agile Sports Analytics helps teams resolve include the following:
The culture to constantly hire new coaches expecting different results
Lack of player discipline or buy-in to coach’s strategy
Player turnover from discontent or greed
Inability to accurately measure player value based on intangibles
Lack of clarity/transparency of goals
Lack of team identity and understanding how each player encompasses that identity
Adapting to change (trades, injuries, firings, etc.)
Lack of ball or puck movement and court, field or ice spacing
Lack of investment to teaching players how to leverage analytics
Agile Sports Analytics Benefits Your Entire Organization
Owners/GMs can find the best players to support team goals and objectives. Can better predict which players will add most value.
Coaches get player buy-in on strategy. Align player performance to team goals. Identify which players and lineup combinations deliver most value.
Players discover how to create value and demonstrate their ability to adapt their game to make team better. Finally,Gain higher Sports IQ.
Analysts can implement their agenda via an organization wide process that supports it. Can apply their existing analytic programs to Agile Sports Analytics.
Team goals are fully transparent, drive player goals and are guided by organizational objectives.As a result, Reach goals faster.
Fans get a more exciting product as the team plays with greater synergy.
Agile Sports Analytics Benefits Every Level of Sports
Professional Sports – Provides a much needed framework for Sports organizations to effectively set goals, measure value and continuously inspect and adapt.
College Sports – Allows teams with less advanced analytic programs to level the playing field, maximize player value and get all staff and player goals aligned with the coach’s game plan. Enables players to immediately add value at the next level.
High School Sports – Teaches players how to align their game plans with team strategy and play with team synergy.
Youth Sports – Teaches kids how to understand metrics and set goals. Builds kid’s Sports IQ and confidence k

sports analytics - Agile Sports Analytics helps teams employ strategies to improve player IQ, team dynamics & execution. Our sports analytics experts, methods, framework,maturity model and app provide sports management solutions & analytics that create value & achieve goals. We differ from other sports analytics companies.Win Games